Panty Liner - Pack of 5
$ 18.99


Comes with 5 small liners, which are great for back up, light discharge, and sweat.

Cloth Queen pads are crafted with organic materials and keeps even the most sensitive intimate areas fresh while absorbing sweat, discharge, blood, and stains. 

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Holds 1-2 tampons worth, for light flow.


1 waterproof layer, 2 layers of microfiber, organic bamboo charcoal lining.

Prevent thousands of pounds of disposable plastic pads from ending up in our landfills. 
Save approximately $350+ per year by switching to reusable pads.
Free from harsh chemicals. Comfortable & soft materials for your intimate area. 




Open pad, place onto underwear with charcoal (absorbent) side against your skin. Secure into place with our high quality snaps. 



Enjoy the softest materials against your skin as you allow our pads to absorb your flow. Change after 1-4 hours.



Remove your saturated pad. Rinse under cold water. Fold it in a square, and store in your wet bag till you are home to wash.

Store Your Dirty Pads On The Go with our sanitary bags

  • Keeps your used pads separate from your personal belongings

  • Cute and discrete, store right in your purse or any other bag   

  • Made from bamboo to keep any odor or bacteria locked inside the bag until you are ready to wash

Common Questions answered

Common Questions answered

How do I choose the right pads for me?

It depends on how heavy or light your flow usually is. Panty liners are great for very light flow days. Most of our customers always have a set of daily pads for everyday flow. If you have a heavy flow, then daily pads combined with overnight pads would do the trick.

How often do I change my pads?

One to six times a day, or every one to four hours. When your skin starts to feel wet, it's time for a change. 

Do reusable pads smell?

Good news! No! cloth pads stay fresher than disposable pads. Because our fabric is breathable, it allows moisture to evaporate. Thus, less moisture means fewer bacteria to product smells.

How do I wash my pads?

Cloth Queen pads are made to be washed just like the rest of your laundry. Simply give them a rinse in cold water after removing, and wash on wash day! You can use your regular washing machine, avoid hot water. They are also dryer friendly. You can also hand wash and hang dry.

How do I store your pads while I am not at home?

Simple answer, a wet bag! Our wet bags are perfect for when you are on-the-go. Simply remove your pad, wash it under cold water, and place it in your discreet wet bag. When you get home, place your dirty pads in your laundry bin.

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