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Period Pads FAQ

Some of the big differences between reusable pads and disposable pads are:

  • You do not throw away reusable pads.
  • Cloth pads feature wings that snap and secure your pad into place. There is no adhesive portion like with disposable pads.
  • Cloth pads actually tend to "breath" better because they aren't made of plastic, this makes them much more comfortable.
  • You can expect to have more fun with cloth pads because you can choose between a variety of colors & prints to match your personality.

While it’s a personal choice, there are several good reasons for switching to reusable pads. You can:

  • Keep thousands of disposable feminine hygiene products out of our landfills.
  • Save money every month by not having to buy disposable pads.
  • Experience the comfort of wearing soft, non-synthetic fabrics next to your body.
  • Have less exposure to potentially unhealthy chemicals.
  • Never again deal with an adhesive wing getting stuck in the wrong place.
On average, most cloth pads are estimated to last up to five years if they are handled and cared for properly. There are some people that say theirs last even longer than that! The five years is an average based on the assumption that you rotate about 10 pads.

Organic cloth pads are composed of fabric that was grown free of pesticides or herbicides. Naturally, less of these chemicals means less pollution and less damage to the environment. Also, it means less exposure to toxins for the people who work on the farm where the cotton grows. While it’s true that you can buy organic cotton disposable products, they still create the same amount of landfill waste as non-organic cotton.
No, our pads are not made out of bamboo wood like you initially think of when you think about bamboo. Bamboo is actually able to be made into very soft, and silky cloth fabric. One benefit about bamboo is that it is very fast growing, so therefore it is highly renewable. Bamboo is not a target of pests, so it doesn't have to be treated with chemicals like regular cotton plants.

Good news! Cloth pads actually tend to stay fresher than disposable pads. Due to their fabric being breathable which allows moisture to evaporate. Thus, less moisture means fewer bacteria to product smells.

Our customers can't stop bragging about how comfortable the reusable pads are compared to disposables. Disposable pads usually start to feel clammy after just a few hours. Reusable pads are very soft and breathable, the exchange of air can leave you feeling dry and in result you will notice less chaffing and irritation. There are absolutely zero heat-trapping plastic parts.

Cloth pads are created to be super absorbent, and Cloth Queen pads have convenient wings that snap around your underwear to keep the sides of your underwear dry, along with a waterproof backing. You need to change your pad once it becomes totally saturated, same as disposable pads. Once you get used to them, you will have a better understanding of how often you need to change yours.

Most women, on average, deal with 35 years of menstruation during their lifespan. That can cost you thousands of dollars in menstrual pads over time. When you switch to cloth pads, you’ll spend a lot less on feminine hygiene. Everyone’s cycle is different, and so is the age when they start to use cloth pads.
It really depends on the pads, our pads consist of a waterproof lining, so they require less cotton fabric than other types of cloth pads.

It depends how heavy or light your flow typically is. If you have a very light flow, then our panty liners will most likely be enough, but you couldn't go wrong with some daily flow pads as well. If you have a heavy flow, then some daily use pads combined with night-time use pads would do the trick. Whatever size disposable pad that you normally wear, would be the equivalent of a reusable pad, minus all the nasty waste and chemicals.

You will want an assortment of pads in your stash to cover your entire menstrual cycle. The number of pads that you'll need will vary based on how long your cycle lasts and the heaviness of your flow. We recommend about a dozen pads, give or take.

One example would be:

  • Three to six panty-liners.
  • Six to twelve daily pads
  • One to three overnight pads
On average, reusable pad users change their pads about one to six times a day, depending on their flow. When you start to feel wet next to your skin, it's time to change it.

The options are no limited to menstrual bleeding when it comes to cloth pads. They can absolutely be used for light incontinence! People who deal with this issue normally need to wear some kind of protection throughout the day. Cloth pads can be extremely helpful and have all the same benefits if they are used for light incontinence!

Cloth pads are an amazing choice for postpartum bleeding. The longer and thicker overnight pads work great. One tip from experienced mothers is to soak your pad in soothing formulations to wear against your skin to promote comfort & healing after giving birth. Most doctors recommend not to insert anything into your vagina until you are cleared to do so after having a vaginal birth, so wearing a pad is the only option for your postpartum bleeding journey.

We do not recommend using reusable cloth pads while swimming, same as the disposable ones. The reusable cloth will absorb the water, making them soggy and no longer effective for period protection.

The most convenient way to wash your pads is to put them in the washing machine. Wash on cold or warm settings, always avoid hot water because this can set blood stains into them. You can either air dry the pads or tumble dry on the low setting. A wet bag is super helpful to store your dirty pads in until laundry day.

Many women will soak their pads in cold water before washing them in the washing machine, especially if there is dry blood stains on them. If your washing machine has a pre-wash setting, this would be a great alternative to soaking them.

Another option is to hand wash the pads, in this scenario you would want to pre-soak the pads to make the washing process easier. If you do choose to soak the pads, make sure to change the soak water on a daily basis. When wash day arrives, rinse the pads in cold water until the water runs clear, then gently scrub them to get them clean.

You can use your regular laundry detergent that you normally use to wash your pads. Avoid fabric softeners because this can make the pads less absorbent. Avoid bleach as well because this can break down the material and also interfere with absorbency.

You can dry your pads in a machine on a very low setting, or you can air dry the pads just like any other item that you air dry. They may feel slightly stiff initially if you choose to air dry them. Avoid the direct sunlight for extended periods of time, this can bleach out the fun colors or damage the waterproof backing.

Yes, we recommend washing your pads once before using them for the first time. This will actually enhance the fabrics absorbency.

Washing your reusable cloth pads is the same thing as washing other items of clothing, and once it becomes a part of your normal routine, you won't even notice anymore! You will notice all of the amazing benefits though!
Just like underwear and clothing, you may notice some staining on your pads. If they are stained, it doesn't mean that they are not clean. Our pads have patterns and darker colors to naturally hide any stains. You can use a stain treatment on your pads before washing them if your are concerned. Avoid hot water while washing, as this will make stains set in.

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